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jCmail in the Classroom

More than just an e-mail system, jCmail helps students and professors collaborate like never before. And because jCmail is powered by Google, it allows students to access all Google Apps for Education from any Web-enabled mobile device.

Google Docs

Google Docs lets students create documents, presentations and spreadsheets that can be shared and edited by multiple users at the same time. Students also have the ability to chat with each other in real time to brainstorm, answer questions and delegate tasks related to classroom projects. Google Docs also lets students invite their teachers in on the collaboration process as a way of providing more immediate feedback on assignments.

Watch below for a tutorial on how to use Google Docs so you can get some ideas on how to integrate the free application into your classroom:

Google Calendar

Like Outlook Exchange, Google Calendar helps students stay organized and remember important dates and appointments. Teachers can also send meeting requests and appointments to students’ jCmail accounts to remind them of important events or dates. With jCmail, students can see if they have any earlier or later events that would conflict with a requested meeting or appointment. And as with Outlook Exchange, you will be notified if a student responds with a “yes,” “maybe” or “no” to your invitation.

Teachers can also create a free Google Calendar account to share office hours and important classroom events, exams or dates with students.

Watch the tutorial below to learn how to create a new Google Calendar to share with your students:

Stay Tuned!

We will continue to provide JCSU students and faculty with additional information on all Google Apps for Education, in addition to ways that you can utilize these free and effective tools in the classroom setting and beyond.