• Office of Information Technology
  • Perry Science Hall
  • Johnson C. Smith University
  • 100 Beatties Ford Road
  • Charlotte, NC 28216

What do students get with jCmail?

jCmail is Johnson C. Smith University's new student-centered e-mail (and more) service, powered by Google.

Students will now receive the following benefits:

Powerful Storage

With an amazing 7.3 GB of storage space per user, students will be able to save more information and spend less time cleaning out their inboxes.

Access Anywhere

Powered by the Web, students can send and receive e-mail on their laptops or when they’re away from the computer on their iPods or cell phones.

Click here to find out how to check jCmail from your phone.

Spam Filter

Gmail’s powerful spam filter prevents unwanted e-mails from showing up in students’ jCmail accounts. Students can also customize their level of spam protection with jCmail.

Easy Search

With the new jCmail, students can find e-mails quickly with a Google-powered search of their inbox.

Tools for Your Education

In addition to an e-mail account powered by Google, JCSU students will have access to Google Apps that include:

  • Google Calendar – Students can organize their schedules and share events and calendars with their JCSU classmates.
  • Google Talk – Students can call or send instant messages to their contacts for free.
  • Google Docs – Students can share documents, spreadsheets and presentations for real-time collaboration with their JCSU classmates.
  • Google Sites – Students can stay organized on classroom assignments or projects by keeping related documents, Web content and other information all on one site.
  • Google Video – Students can host and share video for classroom and peer communication and collaboration.